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#1 Amazon Bestseller on Cancer
by Evita Ramparte
"This book will help millions!" - Dr Harold Bloomfield, M.D.
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Anthony Serna
Gerson Therapist, Long Distance Runner
If you are really serious about profound and holistic healing, this book is the key. It will provide you with great insights, "through-the-roof energy” as well as many other practical tools and methodologies.  

I applied the lessons in this book
and cured myself of 13,5 cm ovarian cancer. 

Sylvia Ray Arden Singer
Singer, Songwriter, Victoria's Secret Model
Berlin, Germany
As Featured in 'Food Heals' Movie & iTunes Podcast
'The Bliss of Cancer' continues to inspire millions of people 
across the world with Evita's story of courage and healing. 
- Allison Melody, 'Food Heals' Producer
Hurry, Only 1,000 Copies Available!!
“'The Bliss of Cancer' is not just a book to read from cover to cover. 
It is a step by step journey to knowing oneself and how everything influences and molds one. I have enjoyed taking accountability of my life and shaping my path with the information provided in this wonderful work of passion to find the truth.”
Anthony B. Serna, Miami, FL
Marathon Runner, Gerson Therapy Certified
“This book will help millions. Not only it is going to teach you how to cleanse on the physical level, but it will also help you see what you need to change in your mind, in your belief system, and your relationships. Profound. Practical. Powerful."
Dr Harold Bloomfield, M.D., Maui, HI
19 Times NYTimes Bestseller Author
“Her story will change your life. Personal. Powerful. Political. Practical. An amazing journey of a woman awakening to her power, beauty and freedom. Manual for women's health and leadership."
Parul Agrawal, Family Health Coach
Bestselling Author of 'Juicing For Healthier Families
“My work experience world-wide indicates enormous correlation between body and mind. The real root cause of most diseases maybe deeply unfulfilled desire from as long ago, as our childhood. Our thought, feelings and emotions can be as toxic as food, or pollution. They can be absolutely deadly! Performing detox regularly is crucial in obtaining ultimate health. This book is an eye opener for those who are seeking support and guidance.
Anna Gruniewicz, International Author, Speaker, 
Psychologist and CEO & Founder of EndoPositive International™
“The information here is life-saving. 
It is a practical guidebook into self-healing - from the inside out, mind-body-spirit.
Dr. Lisa Giusiana, N.D. Orange County, CA
Naturopath, Chiropractor, Founder of
“She did it again! The book is gonna seduce you by its cover and leave you a excited, and enchanted when you finish. You will love your new life!"
Luis Souza, Journalist, Sao Paulo, Brasil
Founder of
“This book is a transmission frequency. It is an unequivocal permission for you to love yourself, 
and celebrate your being, and your body. A great and important book!"
Dr Ariel Policano, N.D., Oregon, PL
Founder of 'Women Go Raw'
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As Seen In 'Hungry for Change'
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